500 More Bikes Coming to Cardiff

The Labour administration in Cardiff Council continues with its ambitious plans to make Cardiff a 21st century cycling city.

Under the Nextbike scheme, people across Cardiff pick up a bike at docks around the city. The charge depends on how long they have the bike for.

Since the initial launch of the Nextbike scheme 12 months ago, Nextbike has doubled the number of bikes available in the city from 250 to 500 and installed a further 37 stations alongside the original 25.

Nextbike have now announced that dozens of new docking stations will be placed in Cardiff.

Plans include:

– adding 38 new stations this year
– bringing 500 more bikes
– a further 26 potential stations

In total there would be 1,000 bikes and up to 126 docking stations across the city.

The new stations expand the network further out across Cardiff – including Danescourt and Radyr as well as St. Mellons Business Park and Llanishen railway station.

The scheme is backed by Cardiff Council and financially supported by the Welsh Government. It is also the cycle firm’s most successful operation since it started in the UK in 2014.

For more information on the ambitious plans and the full list of stations coming this year, please visit: https://bit.ly/2QA5bq

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