Budget Consultation – Cardiff Council looks to close £35.2m deficit from UK Government cuts

Cardiff’s residents are being urged to take part in a consultation on how Cardiff Council can bridge a budget gap of £35.2m next year (2019/20) as a result of the unprecedented cuts in funding from the UK Government.

The Council’s total current budget stands at £609m, but 65% of this (£397m) is currently spent on schools and social services. Both areas are facing rising demand pressures as the city’s population grows. The council is determined to continue the investment in our capital city and to continue to improve schools, roads, transport infrastructure, the city’s leisure and housing offerings and to help create jobs.

Recent talk of austerity being over and of more money being made available for the public sector is not a reality. Councils across the UK are struggling to make ends meet and Council Tax rates are having to rise to compensate for the severe cuts from the UK Government. It was reported earlier this year that Northamptonshire council went effectively bankrupt as a result of the UK government starving it of funds.

The Labour administration in Cardiff Council continue to invest in children’s education and to transform the education system across Cardiff. In 2017, £284m investment for schools was announced, jointly funded by Labour in Cardiff Council and Welsh Government, as part of the ‘band B’ 21st Century Schools programme starting in 2019. It is the largest single investment in Cardiff schools. The £284m announcement is in addition to Cardiff Council’s current £164m 21st Century Schools programme.

The Labour administration in Cardiff Council want to protect the funding provided to schools from the level of savings other Council departments have been forced to make, but as austerity continues, this is becoming harder and harder to do. In current budget proposals, schools will be given an additional £10.2m next year which will be an annual increase of 4.4%.

Residents are being asked to consider a raft of savings suggestions and income generating ideas ideas.

For more information on the proposals see: https://bit.ly/2DpfM31 and https://bit.ly/2FjKAoh. To take part in the consultation soon please visit: https://bit.ly/2DmOvOD.

The budget consultation runs for six weeks from Friday November 16 until Thursday, January 2.

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