Labour in Cardiff Delivering Innovative Housing to Help the Homeless

The Labour-led administration in Cardiff Council has set out its commitment to stand up firmly against the welfare cuts that have caused a rise in homelessness across the UK.

Cardiff Council, like many councils across the UK, are determined to stand up against the welfare cuts by the UK Government which have caused untold devastation to people’s lives. In addition to its Cardiff Rough Sleeper Strategy 2017-20, new temporary accommodation made from shipping containers will soon offer innovative high quality living for homeless families in Cardiff.

The 13 new homes will be built on the former PDSA site in Bute Street and will provide temporary accommodation for families until a more permanent suitable housing solution can be found.

✅ There will be seven two-bedroom homes, comprising of a 40ft and a 20ft container, and six one-bedroom homes, made from a 40ft container.

✅ They will all be constructed to the same building standards and specification as traditionally constructed affordable housing.

✅ They will have the same comforts of a conventional home to support the health and wellbeing of residents and will be sensitively and intelligently designed to maximise the use of space.

✅ Each will benefit from solar PV with the benefits fed back directly to residents, a sprinkler system, and private and communal amenity space for residents to enjoy.

✅ The two-bed units will have direct access to a fenced garden so children have a safe space to play and the first-floor one-bed units will all have a roof terrace and a front door.

✅ They have been designed so they can be moved easily to an alternative location in the future, either all together or in smaller groups to different sites.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Lynda Thorne, said:

“The Council is always looking at new and innovative ways we can deliver more affordable housing for the city and these shipping containers provide us with a cost-effective solution to providing homes for those in need in the city. We’re also delivering eight homes for homeless families within the ground of Greenfarm hostel in Ely.

“The energy-efficient homes provide us with a greater level of flexibility compared to traditional builds as we can respond to changing demand by relocating and reusing the units elsewhere. I’m delighted that the start of work is imminent and look forward to seeing the new homes in the near future.”

The scheme is jointly funded by Cardiff Council and Welsh Government’s Innovative Housing Programme.

Work is due to start on the site from this month (May), with the delivery of the containers scheduled for June.

For more information on the Cardiff Rough Sleeper Strategy 2017-20, please visit: .

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