UK Government austerity continues to put pressure on services in Cardiff

It was announced this week that a projected £91m hole in Cardiff Council’s budget leaves the authority facing an ‘uncertain and challenging’ future.

The £91m budget gap – created by the severe cuts by the UK government, increased demand for services and rising costs – will impact on the authority’s finances over three years from 2019. Cuts by the UK government have already led to Cardiff Council having to find £145m in savings over the past five years and will result in £14m in savings having to be made in the current year (2018/19).

The relentless nature of the cuts and austerity from the UK Government continues to leave Cardiff Council facing an uncertain and challenging future. Councils across the UK are struggling to make ends meet and Council Tax rates are rising to compensate.

The council’s total current budget stands at £609m, but 65% of this (£397m) is currently spent on schools and social services. Both areas are facing rising demand and pressures as the city’s population grows.

Labour in Cardiff Council wants Cardiff to continue to be a great place to live and a great place to do business. Despite the pressures, Cardiff Council will continue to work tirelessly to improve the city’s schools, the roads and transport infrastructure, the leisure and housing offerings and help to create jobs across the city.

The council is continuing to invest in the education of young people and to transform schools across Cardiff. £284m investment, as part of Band B of the 21st Century Schools programme, will begin in 2019. This investment is in addition to the Band A, £164m 21st Century Schools, programme jointly funded by Cardiff Council and Welsh Government.

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